Avia B-534, serie IV
Eduard  1/48
The Eduard Avia B-534 is on par with the other Eduards kits I have built and does not fall short of what has come to be expected from them. 

Surface detail is very fine and well done. One of the highlights is the replication of the rib tape on the wings. Cockpit detail is good and with the addition of the Color PE that is included make a very nice front office. Overall fit of the parts is very good and flash is minimal.  That is not to say it is non-existent.  The one thing that increased the build time was part clean up.  All of the small airfoil shaped parts like prop, struts and braces, all had a rough edge from mold lines.  Great care needs to be taken cleaning up these parts as they are very delicate.  The mold lines  were also prominent of the mating surfaces of the horizontal stabs.  Decals are very thin and in perfect register.  If you plan on using the PE parts for the rigging, glue them on as the last thing before the rigging.  They are very delicate and broken off because I put them on way to early.  You need to find a good reference photo of the rigging on the cabanes since the drawing in the instruction booklet is too confusing.

The model is built out of the box except for the rigging, which is thin gauge wire.  The aircraft ID is "G1" is actually from a different aircarft but I ruined the "D1" decal.  The Series IV used a metal prop, which I melted.  We don't want to go there... ;-).  I used the wood series III prop, that is on the parts tree for the other version that Eduard has boxed separately, until I can get a replacement.