Hasegawa 1/48  Bf 109E-3     Build Details
Construction has started on a 1/48 Hasegawa Bf 109E-3 for a Battle of Britain group build.  The LHS only had the Aries resin cockpit for the Tamiya kit and I figured the fit must be fairly close. The biggest problem was trying to cut the kit rear deck off so the resin part would fit.  That turned out to be difficult to say the least so trying to make the Aries deck fit was scrapped and aA new deck was made from some sheet stock and went pretty quick.
As with any of the resin sets, any details molded to the inside of the cockpit walls has to be removed and the wall thinned.  The new cockpit floor was a little long and part of the front, that will never be seen, was trimmed.  Even with that, a small portion of the landing gear mounting holes had to be cut away from the inside of the wing.  Some minor trimming at the bottom of the cockpit side walls was needed.
The photo on the left show the new rear deck in place before some additional detail is done.   I tried using a fine tip marking to trace around the panels for pre-shading but all I could find in the house was green.  It does not show up in the photos but the effect it there.  I have picked up a black marker and will try again and I think it will be perfect.
Cockpit rear deck details has been added with the storage compartment door scribed and component access panel made from thin sheet plastic.  The hinge line for the storage door is stretched sprue softened with Tenax and textured with the tip of a hobby knife.  The latch is a photo etched detail from the Aries set and the gunsight is resin from the same set.  The resin gunsight is so small... I always wonder how they make the masters for the molds.
Landing gear struts have brake lines added along with straps from metal HVAC duct tape.  Both the struts and the LG doors have been pre-shaded with a black Sharpie for some subtle shadows.  The effect is nice but does not show up all that well in the photos.  The airframe has the panel lines pre-shaded in preparation for painting.
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