Tamiya 1/48  Fw 190D-9 "Big Tail"
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This was built for the Fw190D/Ta-152 "Langnase" Group Build in the Fine Scale Modeler forum.  It was also featured in the Testor's Scale Workshop.  Having seen some of the fine work Pixilater was doing on FSM, always does for that matter,  with an Eduard PE set on a P-40 at about the same time I decided to give one of those sets a try.  The Eduard's sets come with instructions that are very clear with lots of drawing breaking the parts down into sub-assemblies.  The PE parts all folded easily using either flat tweezers or holding the parts down on a sheet of glass and bending with a single edge razor blade.  The additional of the pre-painted details makes a nice cockpit tub that fit in the Tamiya kit perfect.
The landing gear got some break lines and drag link strut springs from craft wire.  The cowl flaps form the kit scaled out a bit too thick, as usual and needed to be replaced.  I made a simple jig from a couple of metal rulers.  After making the front edge of each flap concave, to not leave a gap when glued in the open position, each had a curve added, then glued in place with a small piece of wire for the actuating rods.

The conversion to the Ta 152 tail started with making a spine to add to the front of the leading edge.  I ran a red permanent marker down the very front edge as a warning for sanding.  As I removed the filler with sanding and filing, if red showed through I knew to stop.  The arrow in the photo indicates the slab filler that was removed, and the rudder moved forward, on the real aircraft to make the "big tail" which is really somewhat inaccurate since the two tails basically have the same overall area.

Model Master Enamels and Buffing Metalizer were airbrushed with a Badger 155 Anthem.  Upper surfaces was masked with Fun-tac and tape described in the Tips area. 

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