Revell A.G. 1/32  Fw 190D-9
The Revell of Germany 1/32 offering of the Fw 190D-9 is the Hasegawa tooling from a few years ago.  The engraved panels lines are very fine and crisp.  Overall detail is decent .  Cockpit can still benefit from the addition of PE detail.  I chose not to use the full blown color PE set, using some basic details.   A nice feature is the detailed engine plug for the view of the back of the engine that is visible in the wheel wells.  Fit is good with minimal amounts of filling needed at a few seams.  The only exception to that was the leading edge of the right wing at the wing root.  Some thinning if the inside surfaces was needed to get the gap I had to a point where some filler could be applied.  I think this was the result of something I may have done with the engine plug alignment.

The kit come with the standard 190 tail and the late "big tail" that was fitted to a few D-9 's before other modification changed the designation.  Decals are provided for "Brown 4" which used the late tail.  If you have been to my site before and have followed this project, you have already figured out that I will not be using the kit decals.
Cockpit and engine plug views.  The side consoles and rear deck/storage compartment cover area are the kit parts and have some nice detailing.  The seatbelt brackets are made from fine craft wire.
Dry fitting the lower wing shows the nice view you get of the engine plug.
After cutting of the cowl flaps from the kit part that has them closed, the disk that was left was reduced in size to allow for the thickness of the new flaps to be cut form strip styrene.  As simple jig was used to mark each flap.  The photo on the right shows the basic airframe complete and painting for the karoband.
Painting complete, gloss coated and ready for decals.  I worked on some of the sub-assemblies in between the coats of paint.