Tamiya 1/72  Fw 190D-9
This build is number 4 of 5 in the series of "Gelbe 6' that will be finished in all scales currently available.
PE details all folded.... 82 folds in the flaps alone... and ready for paint and installation.

Completed cockpit with vacuformed seat and  a Milliput cushion.
The molded in cowl flaps had a somewhat large seam at the back and heavy scribed separations.  Besides, I like the looks of open flaps so I had to replace them.   The kit flaps were cut off and the "ring" left over sanded down a little below the back edge of the cowl.  New flaps are cut from an aluminum soda can.  This is a great medium for making parts since it cuts easily and folds very nicely on a lightly scribed line, much like that found on PE details.  It was also used for the intake guard over the exhausts.
Flaps painted and highlighted with an acrylic wash, mixing raw umber and Payne's gray mix at a 75/ 25 ratio.
Almost done painting.  Just needs a little mottling, then its clear coat decals and weathering.