Hasegawa 1/72 He 111H-6
As expected, this is a typical Hasegawa kit as far as engineering, detail and quality.  So far there has only been a tiny bit of flash on one part and the fit is very good, except for the wing root on the underside, as noted below.  The kit has the addition of a tiny fret of a few brass PE details and seat harnesses.  With the exception of some brakes lines that will be added and the landing light I made for the wing, the build is out of the box.
Interior detail with a few PE bits in the cockpits
The wing roots had some gaps on the underside that needed some strip styrene & careful adjustments.
Airframe nearing completion.
Landing light made with sprue and Bare Metal foil
is added to the wing
The green house canopy is masked with Bare Metal foil.  The amount of individual clear panes and small size is somewhat intimidating.  The frame work on the canopy are recessed, like panels lines, making the task of trimming much easier.
The instrument landing antenna was molded to the fuselage bottom.  This was removed to facilitate sanding and replaced.
The partial black, for night ops, was masked to reduce over spray that would minimize the effect of the preshading.