Accurate Miniatures 1/48 scale SB2C-4 Helldiver
Interior components painted ready for installation.  IP is painted flat black with a touch of white then dry brushed with white to raise the detail.  Buttons and dials are picked out with white and red.  The decal sheet has individual decals for each instrument.  These are applied, and after drying, a drop of Krystal Klear is placed on each to simulate the glass face.
Front and rear cockpit installed.  The radio gear cannot be installed after the fuselage is together, and the seam on the bulkhead can't be repaired with the radio gear installed.  After they are cut off, the seam can be fixed and the gear glued back in place.
I wanted the bomb bay closed so I made the required cuts to the parts as indicated in the instructions... and the only logical place should be made.  Unfortunately this left a large uneven gap that had t be filled with some Evergreen strips.
Basic airframe completed.  The gaps at the bottom wings roots were filled following the procedure described on Matt Swan's website.  They almost didn't need to be sanded.
This gave me the opportunity to try one of the Vector engines I have heard so much about.  30 finely cast parts of light gray resin, a little paint, 28 push rods and 28 ignition wires becomes... parts count of 86 and a beautiful little radial engine.  A shame most of it will be unseen.  It would be perfect for diorama of the engine being installed.

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