Polikarpov I-16 "Rata", Type 24
Eduard  1/48
I decided to build something OOB for a change. Since the Eduard kit comes with a fret of color PE, it didn't feel too weird not going and buying the usual after market goodies. You are given the choice of  cockpit parts from the plastic sprue or they can be replaced with the PE details.  I decided to use the plastic parts since the cockpit detail isn't bad, and the fact that even with the open cockpit it is pretty difficult to see.

There were no real surprises with the kit.  It is typical Eduard right down the line.  Engineering, detail, crisp panels lines, thin decals with 4 markings choices, crystal clear "glass" parts and the nice glossy instruction book with a detailed history of the aircraft.  All the things an Eduard fan expects. 

Overall fit is very good.  A little adjusting of the fit of the font cowl is needed. Sanding of the flange on the front of the fuselage was needed to removed a small step behind the cowl ring.  The wing root seam is nice and tight but  there were tiny steps on one side or the other.  With the broad smooth area it was easy to use a little putty to get everything nice and even and rescribe the panel lines.  Landing gear and doors are a little tricky to align.  I usually like to build my LG as a complete sub-assembly, gear doors and all.  In this case it was much easier installing the struts first and adding the doors after to get the alignment right.