Pioneer tools cut off and replaced with scratched tools.
The rack for the cleaning rods were made by hold some hat pins on some 0.5mm brass tube and tapping with a hammer to make depressions.
A couple of views after the fenders were attached.
Clamps, glue and time heals all.
Big gap at the back of the hull.  Me or Dragon?  Could make an interesting argument.
Some test folds with .010" sheet styrene.  The back of the sheet was scored with a scriber, folded and some Tenax run down the line.
Fenders and mud guards scaled up to 4.5" thick.  New ones had to be made.
Rolled steel texture added by pressing parts of the rock into the plastic and sanding the high spots.
These where bent to the correct angle (right side) and bent into hooks.
The visions port and gun ring on the commander's cupola are molded together and need to be separated.
Tow cables were made with 3 strands of .01" lead wire twisted together with a Dremel.
Track cable scraped off and new one made from 3 strands of wire from and old ear bud twisted together.
Not being able to find my giant penny I had to use my giant Tiger II turret for the size comprison.
Molded on track "hooks" are not hooks at all... 
Clamps were made with scrap PE.  The loops were made separately with the same cable and some 0.8" brass tubes. 
Only thing missing is the metal liner inside.  In this scale that should barely be noticeable.  Of course though... now you know ;o)
Racks in place...
... as well as the cleaning rods.  these are 0.5mm brass tube with 0.3 mm tube, for the threaded end,  that fits inside.
The only metal that came with the kit were the 4 brass screens on the engine deck.  Anything else was scratched or scrounged for the PE spares box.  Some lead foil was used for some of the clamps.
Dragon King Tiger

1/72 Scale
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Dark yellow base coat applied.  Tamiya paint, even parts white and dark yellow with some buff added.
Fading, filters, pin washes applied.
The color was built up with 3 thin coats to build up the color.
Camo colors are Vallejo, the best I've used for brush painting. 
Camo marked off with pencil and color coded.
Some chipping was added being careful not to over do it.  Streaking was added using AK Interactive products.
A strip of tape masks where the road wheels will show wear.  Only the part visible, with all the overlapping road wheels, was masked.
DS tracks... not a fan...1st painted with Alclad II.
The right side.
...and getting some figures.
The vehicle is finished...