In this example I am working on an OOTB build and was limited to the use of plastic that was actually in the box.  This piece came from the tab on the one of the part trees that had the kit manufacturer's name, Hobby Craft, which was sanded off, giving me a small piece of styrene that I could use to make some details.  Using Evergreen strips would make it even easier by eliminating the need to thin the pieces after making them.
How to make oleo scissor detail for landing gear.
Layout for the holes, mark and drill pilot holes with a # 78 bit.  I used a 73, 69 and 61 bit to enlarge the holes.  This is for the landing gear on a 1/48 scale aircraft and the sizes can be adjusted as needed for scale or particular aircraft.  After cleaning up the holes, use a large pair of nail clippers with a straight cutter to trim each piece.  Use the holes as a guide to cut the angle of each side.

The photos below show the cut pieces and after some final trimming and shaping.  A small angled concave has been added for the part to fit against the landing gear strut.  The kit details that were removed can be seen in the photo on the right.
I had to thin my parts down to get them closer to scale but as mentioned earlier, using some thin styrene strips will eliminate the need for this.
After gluing the pieces in place, a short piece of stretched sprue was glued to the point where the ends meet to make the hinge.  When that was dry the ends were trimmed to length.