Hasegawa 1/48  Mc 205 "Veltro"
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As I was spending a leisurely morning surfing the web one day, I saw a review of Mike Grant Decals Smoke Ring decals.  I had recently upgraded to a Badger 155 Anthem airbrush, and although I had been spending sometime practicing, I knew it would be a while before I would dream of attempting that camo.  I really started to like the idea of that aircraft sitting on the shelf.  Basically this plane was built solely to be able to try these decals.  And I am glad I did this project.  The decals went down just great and really look painted on.  The photo on the left is a little fuzzy but you can still tell how well the decals snuggled down and the carrier film is barely discernable, if at all.

The model is built out of the box except for some lead foil seat belts and a butterfly valve for the air intake made from a thin disc cut from a Q-Tip stick.  The fuselage band is painted since there was no way the decal was going settling down over that camel hump.