Accurate Miniatures 1/48 scale P-51 Mustang
I had started this for the "Macon Belle" build when I realized that the AccMin kit has the fillet on the tail. This kit went together pretty well with the biggest problem being the wing root.  The upper wings were adjusted so the  fit was as good as it was going to get and glued on first, shimming at the tips to get the right dihedral.  Then the bottom wings was glued in place mating nicely to the upper wings.

I used more putty on the wing roots than I had on any other previous build.  I discovered Mr. White Putty from Mr. Hobby (Gunze) and this has moved into the favorite putty spot.  Creamy consistency sand very smooth and scribes well. 

The prop needed a tiny bit of reshaping around the bottom.  Over all detail such as  panels lines, cockpit, wheels wells etc., is very nice and the kits builds up very nice OOB, which this is except for some brake line and PE harness in the 'pit.  One prop blade had a small sink hole and there were few ejector pin marks that caused significant problems. 

The marking are from AeroMaster depicting a Mk. III, in RAF markings, flown by RAAF 3 squadron  RAAF, Fano Italy at the end of 1944.  It was lost and Dec. 26, 1944.  I have been told that the scheme is incorrect on the instruction sheet in that the spinner should be red, the grey and green reversed and no white bands on the wings.