Eduard 1/48 scale P-39 Airacobra
I had been thinking about building a P-39 for a while when I saw this at my local hobby shop. I had heard very good things about some of the Eduard kits and one of the ones that was spoken highly of was their P-39 offering.  But 2 kits for $45?  I didn't bite at first but found myself back at the LHS counter with the box in my hands. Gee… what a surprise.
Inside the box are 2 re-sealable bags, each containing 3 gray/green sprues, making a complete airframe,  2 bags with clear parts, 1 bag containing 4 frets of photo etch details.  The engraving is fine and crisp.  Register is near perfect so mold lines on the round parts like landing gear struts are barely discernable.  I have not found a single inappropriately placed ejector pin holes to fix either.
PE frets, 2 decal sheets with markings, stencils and color plates 6 aircraft.

The construction of the model was pretty straight forward.  The instructions are laid out nicely with easy to follow illustrations.  Overall, the fit is good.  Parts are beautifully molded with fine, crisp engraving.  Register of the molds is near perfect making the mold line on parts like landing gear struts nearly invisible.  Clean up on the parts was a snap.  One of the things that impressed me most was the lack of ejector pin marks. I don't recall seeing a single one in a location that is visible.

A small amount of filler was needed along the fuselage seam.  When gluing the fuselage halves together, it is important to securely glue the sides to the cockpit bulkhead behind the pilot seat, as indicated in the bottom left photo.  If you don't the canopy would have a large step on both sides. The only issue that took some work to correct was the trailing edges on the wings being too thick.  Without getting out a ruler they were probably about an inch thick in scale.  A fair amount of plastic has to be removed from the inside surface to get it to a more scale edge. 

The model is built out of the box with the exception of the substitution of a set of Moskit exhausts.  I had heard that there were some fit issues with the doors in the closed position.  With that in mind, and because of the beautiful detailing in the cockpit, I decided to take the fit problem out of the equation by having both doors open.  In an article I came across online somewhere, a modeler mention wanting to do the same thing but did not since he felt it looked like dive brakes on some jet fuselages.  I have to agree with him. So I closed the left door.  This decision needs to be made during the build since it was fairly tedious getting the door to fit after the model in completed.