Platz 1/144 scale P-51 Mustang
All the part fit in my "small parts" tin
Needles to say, there isn't any AM stuff for this scale.  I took The Eduard 1/72 P-51 set, scanned it at 600 dpi and printed it on photo paper at 50%.  These were cut out and glued into  the cockpit.  There is a step in the floor so a small place of sheet styrene was added and painted to simulate a  wood floor.
Seat harness made from Tamiya tape
Wires added to the radio. All cockpit components in stalled.
Wheels and LG struts are molded together with some nice detail.  Only the brakes lines were added.
The 2 piece spinner was assembled and the seam sanded out. It was so small that masking was out of the question and I did not realize there were decals for the stripe.  After painting it red and coat with Future, it was chucked on the Dremel and a brush loaded with yellow paint was touched to the spinner while it was spinning.
The bottom was sprayed with Model Master enamel neutral gray, masked, and the upper surfaces were spray with O.D.  coats of MM gloss lacquer, decals and a pastels wash for the panels lines were applied in that order.