DML 1/35 Panther G "Steel Wheel"

OK, so how many aircraft modelers think that armor modelers are a very dark and shadowy group that stay out of the limelight except within their own circles?  I know I used to.  These guys are smart let me tell you... keeping' their secrets all to themselves.  This is my 1st piece of armor and will by no means be my last.  Think about the Tamigawa aircraft kits, and others of that ilk.  It's not unheard of to pay between 25 and 45 bucks for a 1/48 scale kit.  Molded in detail in the wheel wells and even if it has what is considered top notch cockpit detail, it is still sparse and sometimes much of it molded to the cockpit wall.  And you have a couple of square inches of space to detail at best.  Unless you want to get into the after market stuff.  Resin and PE and more dollars.

As I said, this is my 1st armor build and I can only speak for this kit and some of the other DML kits I have seen online.  750 parts. Depending on the kit about $40 or $45.  I could close my eyes and pick 4 or 5 aircraft kits off my shelf and have a good chance of the total parts being less.  And incredible detailing.  The molded on detail is remarkable and the finished model literally bristles with stuff.  The molding is fantastic.  There were a total of 4 ejector pins marks to fill that were under the front fender and easy to get to.  The rests of the parts had several nodes at the part extremities that were used for the ejector pins so the kit is virtually ejector pin mark free.  The fit was great too and it assembly was pretty straight forward.  The instructions needed to be watched carefully since the drawings are a little confusing at times and you may miss some parts.  And slopping on the dirt.... how much fun can one person have... it's a blast.

Lots of fun and bang for the buck.  More armor?  Yes please!