DML 1/35 Panzerkampfwagen IV G
This is the DML Pz. IV G built more or less from the box.  The only addition was the use of Friul tracks.  This was a 1st for me and they are really a great product.  The expense however will relegate their use to special projects.  At least I now know what to ask for Father's Day and birthdays when asked.

The finish winter whitewash was achieved using the hairspray method of distressing the paint.  As the tide of the war changed, the tanks that were originally slated to go North Africa.  The desert paint scheme was whitewashed at the factory and they were redirected to the eastern front.  For this reason, an enamel base coat of dk. yellow was applied and allowed to fully cure.  I picked up a bottle of cheap hairspray in a pump bottle.  This was airbrushed over the entire model in a thin coat.  Next some white acrylic was applied and allowed to dry for about 30 minutes.  A slightly stiff brush was dipped in water and brushed over the painted surface, doing 1 section at a time.  The water will get down into the hairspray and dissolve it allowing the paint to start to flake off and float away.  The pioneer tools were done the same way but the base coat is some metalizer which is dabbed with some rust.  Hairspray and white paint again and with a fine brush with water, the paint is flaked off giving a nice worn look.