Piper L4 "Grasshopper"
Bronco 1/35 scale
I am a little late getting this posted.   Earlier this year my cousin, Devan, got married.  She and her new husband Brian are both pilots and would one day like to restore a Piper Cub as their personal aircraft.  We could have given Devan & Brian a toaster for the wedding shower.  I thought we could do a little better than that.   Particularly since besides the screen saver form the 80's when have you ever seen a toaster fly.   

As I started searching for a decent kit I quickly realized the J-3 Cub was not available.  With the modeling communities affectation with all things military, it came as no surprise that a military version, the L4 Grasshopper observation plane was available in 1/35 scale from Bronco.  An odd scale but since they primarily make armor models it make sense.  Devan and Brian had the registration number, N556BD, reserved for when they do build their aircraft.  The number represents when they had their first date and their first initials.  I used that as the basis for a civilian version.

The Bronco kit has some nice detailing that while it appears to be sparse, the aircraft itself is a relatively simple design.  The fabric texture is nicely reproduced and overall fit is not bad.  The glass parts are thing and clear but with the wing being mounted directly to this assembly care must be taken for everything to line up. The underside of the wing has 8 strange round depressions molded in that need to be filled.  Additions to the basic kit include. seat belts, engine piping and wiring, brake lines and control surface cabling.  All the marking are home made.

Devan and Brian, I wish you a life time of happiness.