Sd.Kfz. 251/17 Ausf. C  Flak 38
Dragon 1/35

The /17 modification to the 251 added light anti-aircraft firepower to this extremely versatile platform.  The Flak 38 cm gun was mounted on a pedestal in the fighting compartment.  The addition of expanded sides that hinged outward made a large area for the crew to move around the gun.  Due to the configuration, this has always been a popular version among fans of the 251.

This Dragon kit goes together pretty much like all the rest.  Very good fit throughout with minimal part clean up being needed is most cases.  The parts are nicely detailed and the add additional of slide molded parts is a plus.There were a couple of gaps that cropped up but I really think they were my own doing. I used the Lion Roar metal barrel and the Eduard PE detail set for the build
One key thing was pointed out to me early enough to have not been caught.  That  was to set the chassis on the tracks before gluing the font suspension in place.  This helps to ensure the front wheels are on the ground.  The gun in the kit are the spues from the Dragon kit #6288.  The left over parts are for the Sd.Ah. 51 trailer.  I scratch built an ammo box so I could have the ammo trailer being pulled by the half track.

Above and below are some progress and detail shots.  I should have put my "giant penny" in the shot with the rifles.  They are only 1 1/2 inches long.