Hasegawa 1/48 Spitfire Mk.V
This is the Hasegawa Mk. Vb kit.  The markings will be an RAAF aircraft that had a "c" wing.  There is a conversion out the but it is nearly twice the price of the kit itself.  This is going to be one of those "I gonna get it as close as I can..." conversions.  A buddy sent me the wings off an Airfix Spit with a c wing.  Since it came with both the large and late style small gun blisters, these were molded as separate panels for the upper wings. These were used to make a mold with Milliput to be vacuformed so I can make more Spitfires with c wings...someday.
Clockwise from top left are the original part, the Milliput mold, a rough trimmed vac piece and the final shaped blister.  The saw kerfs and small holes aide in the air being completely pulled out of the mold.
All the panels lines were filled, the LG bump and the "b" gun blister filed off and the wing sanded smooth.  Here the blister is in place with some of the panels lines rescribed.
The large blister has been cut away from the lower wing from the Hasegawa kit.  It is replaced with the panel cut from the Airfix wing.  Oops... I should vacuformed that too.  Now what do I do for a future project?
Airframe finished.  A fair amount of putty was needed  under the wings where it joins the rear part f the fuselage.  A bit was needed on the engine cowl as well.
Cockpit view.
Click here for the finished photos.