DML 1/35   Sd.Kfz. 181 Panzerkampfwagen VI (P)
This is the 1/35 Dragon premium offering of the Tiger (P)  It is built nearly out of the box with the addition of Cavalier resin zimmerit and a car engine.  I am guessing you're scratching your head right about now.  The rear grates have wide spaces between the slats and the big empty space underneath looks...well...big and empty.  I had a Ford GT at the bottom of the stash and it would probably never get built so I took the engine and added lots and lots of extra pipes, wires and other components just so there would be something to see in there.

The kit goes together easily without any fit problems that I recall. The only ejector pins marks that needed attention were under the fenders.  There were very thin and tiny ones on some of the track links.  I didn't bother with those since I knew there dirt was going cover them.  The resin zim is a great product.  Extremely thin panels that fit perfect.  They look like they will fall apart as soon as you touch them but they are pretty resilient and stand up well to handling.  The PE fret from the kit has lots of nice details.  And some of the smallest part I have worked with so far.  The locks and hasps on the turret storage bin, barely 3/16 inches, are 7 parts each.