Transport Box
The big show is coming up but not right around the corner.  You can't drive with your model sitting on your knee so what do you do?  I heard enough cursing at MosquitoCon to know that some may have tried that balancing act.  This is a variation of a high quality box I saw on the IPMS Stockholm site.  While this will not go in the baggage hold of a 747, it will sit nicely on the seat next to you while you drive.

2 inch poly foam
Hot glue gun (cheap one)
Paper towel

Set the plane in the box and mark a few reference points such as the fuselage sides, leading and trailing edges of the wing and the leading edge of the horizontal stabilizers should be enough.  Note that the sides of the box should be taller than the highest part of the model, like a prop blade or tail.  The box here is cut lower to make it easier to see what's going on putting this together.  The poly foam is available at craft stores in the section with supplies for making pillows.  I got a 22x22x2 sheet for about $7 or $8.  Cut the foam into roughly 2 inch cubes. And I mean "roughly" as you will note that mine are not cubes. Try to keep parallel sides of the 2 inch thickness top to bottom to keep everything even as you go.  Take 2 of the pieces and cut a notch that will cradle the aircraft.

Set the plane in the notched foam blocks making position adjustments to clear landing gear, antennas etc.  Trim the foam if need be for clearance.  Once you have the right position, marks a couple of the corners for exact location when you hot glue the block in place.

The wing tip blocks, seen below,  are slid under the wings from the end until they just support the wing tip without lifting the model.  Then mark position and glue in place as before.

The Velcro is available in different length rolls with an adhesive backing.  Get the strongest hold they have.  Cut 1 inch piece of the hook side and stick them on the sides of the fuselage blocks being careful to position them so the "strap" will not hit any protrusions or antennae wires etc.  After they are in right spot give then a little squeeze.  In some of the following photos you will see that I also have some on the front and back of the wing blocks but in this case they were removed as they were not needed.  The wing straps may need to be used for larger models. 

Last thing to do is make the straps.   Hold a length of the loop side of the Velcro over the model lining the end with the hook piece on one side to the center of the model, fold in half at that point and cut.  The length will be perfect.  The plastic backing on the loop strip makes the strap too stiff.  Peel the backing and stick it down on a paper towel.  Trim the edges and the strap is more pliable for working it under antenna wires, pitot tubes, etc.

Attach one side of the strap front and back, place the model in the cradle and carefully feed the strap though any antennas the rear of the plane.  Snug it down a little to make sure the wing tips are firm against the blocks and you're done.  A bigger box holds more than 1!

The time stamp on the first and last photos showed a total time of 31 minutes… and that included taking the photos.

Zeke, no not named after a Japanese fighter,  is checking out what's going on in the last photo.

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