Welcome one and all to the Group Build to end all group builds

The War to End War
(yeah, how’d that work out?)
The Great War

At present I am moderating this group build in the Fine Scale Modeler magazine forum.  The start date was May 1, 2011 and was originally going to run until December 31, 2011.  The was a lot of interest from the outset but as often happens participants get busy with family, work etc., you know, life.  Many were not going to be able to meet the deadline.  It was decided to extend the end date until such time that H.G. Wells' catch phrase comes to pass.  The end of all war.

The group build is open to all so even if you frequent another forum besides FSM and want to join in, post you progress photos in the forum of choice and send me a finished photo and I'll post it here.
The badges for each category...

Participants that have claimed badges

By screen name & order of completion
TD4438, Mk1 Tank, Airfix 1/72
smeagol the vile, British "Fenmale" Mk. 1, Airfix 1/79
castelnuovo, Sopwith Camel, Eduard 1/48
the real red baron, Albatros D.Va, Airfix 1/72
jgeratic1 Austrian Lieutenant, Zebrano 1/32
jgeratic1 Austrian Infantryman, Zebrano 1/32
Waikong, Fokker Dr.1, Eduard 1/48
DoogsATX, Sopwith Pup, Wingnut Wings 1/32
wing_nut (yup, that's me), Albatros D.Va, Wingnut Wings 1/32
TD4438, HMS Iron Duke, Airfix 1/600
Bondoman, SMS Dresden, (kit?) 1/350
wing_nut, Roland D.VIa, Wingnut Wings 1/32
Ebergeruud, SMS Konig, ICM 1/350
Ruddratt, Fokker E.V, Eduard 1/48
Ebergeruud, Sopwith Camel, Academy 1/32
PANZERWAFFE, British "Male" Mk. IV, Ehmar 1/35
Bufflehead, Mk. A Whippet, Emhar 1/35
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Ruddratt, HanriotHD.1, Eduard 1/48
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jtracing214, Mk.IV tank
Ruddratt, Fokker DR.1, Eduard 1/48
Ruddratt, Fokker DR.1, Eduard 1/48
Theuns, Foker D.VII , Revell 1/72