1/21/13- Panther A added to German Armor
1/16/13-Making Cobblestones added to Tools & Tips
12/18/12-1/72 Kingtiger added to German Armor
4/1/12-Biplane rigging in Tools & Tips
3/20/12-New additions to WWI GB gallery
3/9/12-French armor page started with a Char B1bis
3/9/12-Roland D.VIa added to German aircraft gallery
3/3/12-Bf109E-4 added to German aircraft gallery
1/26/12-Marder III M added to German armor
1/26/12-Cutting circle templates in Tool & Tips
1/19/12-Albatros D.Va Pt.2 Exterior details added
1/18/12 Albatros D.Va Pt.1 in the German gallery
1/18/12 FIXED :o)
6/15/10 Jagdtiger added to German armor
4/12 Grille M added to German armor
4/9/10 B5N2 Kate added to Japanese Gallery
3/31/10 T-55A photos in Russian armor
8/29/09 Trying to fix site
4/29/09-Pz IV H build photos added
4/18/09- Playing in the MUD added to Tool & Tips.
4/18/09-PZ IV H added to the German AFV gallery
2/12/09-Stug III G added to the German AFV gallery
12/1/08-SdKfz 234/3 8 rad in the German AFV gallery
11/17/08-SdKfz 251/17 half track in the German AFV gallery
9/26/08-1/35 Dicker Max in the German AFV gallery
9/26/08- Another nice P-39 added to the Group Build page
9/15/08- 1/35 scale Piper L4 added to the US gallery
9/15/08- LG door How-To added to Tools & Tips
7/3/08-Tamiya King Tiger added to gallery
6/7/08- Pz. IV G added to the armor gallery
6/7/08-Armor page added to Gallery
5/11/08-Pz. IV F1 (F) in German gallery
4/30/018- The Tiger (P) is finished and in the gallery
4/18/08- Tiger (P) WIP in the German gallery
4/18/08-Weather worn winter Hurricane
4/8/08-"Dostacos" Dan crosses the finish line with his Cromwell in the Once Were Warriors tribute.
4/4/08-2 new players and another completion in the p-39 GB
3/10/08-Once Were Warriors added to the galley page
3/2/08-Panther G in the German Gallery (yes... a tank!)
2/6/08-Dave lands his P-39Q in the Group Build
1/30/08- Painting tires added to Tools & Tips
1/28/08-Me 262Z Mistel completed pics
1/12/08-Me 262Z Mistel progress in the German gallery
1/10/08-Me 262Z added to German gallery
12/18/07-1/144 scale diorama in the German gallery
12/7//07-After a 13 month delay... the Helldiver is in the gallery
11/20/07-1/48 Sopwith Camel In the British gallery
11/2/07-P-47D "Chowhound" added to US gallery
10/23/07-Eduard Fw 190A-8 in the gallery
9/19/07- Ki-61 "Tony" added to gallery
9/3/07- Avia B-534 added to gallery
8/25/07-P-40E "Bob's Robin" in the US gallery
8/22/07- P-40E Progress in US gallery
8/20/07- Landing light "How to" in Tools & Tips
8/12/07- Aussie Mustang Mk. III in the gallery
8/3/07-A shiny P-51C in the gallery
7/19/07-"Glacier Girl" in walk arounds
7/16/07- Aussie Mk Vc finished
6/29/07-Spitfire Mk Vc progress
6/25/07-Two 1/144 P-51's in the US gallery
6/10/07- Belgian Spitfire Mk XIVc Pics
6/7/07-WWII Weekend slide show
6/6/07-Belgian Spitfire update
5/26/07-I-16 added to Russian  gallery
5/10/07-He 111 gallery added
5/1/07-B-17 waist gunner completed
4/22/07- He 111 progress added
4/13/07-10,000 HITS REACHED
4/6/07-Bud completes a 1/72 P-39
3/27-Jeff wraps up his P-400
3/5/07-1/144 P-51D Mustang added
2/27/07-P-39 GB progress
2/24/07-Me 262 completed photos added
2/20/07-Me 262 progress update
2/10/07-2 new completed Cobras
1/22/07-More P-39 progress
1/15/07-New P-39 GB photos added
1/6/07- More action in the Cobra GB
1/5/07-Boeing 247 added to US gallery
1/5/07-P-39 Group Build progress
12/16/06-1/32 Fw 190D-9 finished photos
12/10/06-1/32 Fw 190D-9 progress
11/30/06-1/72 Fw 190D-9 finished
11/23/06- The B'day P-51
11/16/06-4th Fw 190D-9 in the series
11/4/06- P-39 Finished photos
10/29/06-P-39 cockpit photos
10/29/06-Helldiver progress
10/27/06-Eduard P-39 review/build
10/10/06- Trying a new guestbook
10/8/06- 3rd in the Fw 190D series added
9/28/06- Chinese Mustang completed
9/24/06- "3rd hand" tip added
9/8/06 -  Chinese Mustang progress
7/28/06 - Bf 109E-3 progress
7/22/06 - P-51 page updated
7/13/06 - Tuskegee P-51B complete
6/27/06 - Tuskegee P-51D complete
6/21/06 - P-51's get paint
6/17/06 - P-51 progress updated
6/14/06 - Walk arounds improved
6/11/06 - "The Roster" added
6/10/06 - Walk arounds added
5/29/06 - P-59 finished photos added
5/22/06 - P-59 canopy masked with foil
5/8/06 - LG detailing in Tool & Tips
4/24/06 - P-59 Progress updated
4/21/06 - Hit count corrected
4/20/06 - Tools & Tips updated
4/18/06 - What's New added
4/17/06 - "TOPGUN" page updated
4/13/06 - P-59 Progress added
4/1/06 - Tools & Tips updated
3/23/06 - Wing Nut Models goes online.